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   Worki foliowe

Standard zipper bags

   Worki foliowe

Doypack , Stand up pounch with zipper

   Worki foliowe


   Worki foliowe

Bag with folds on side

   Worki foliowe

Slider bag

   Worki foliowe

Pillow bag

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Labels/thermo seals

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Fabric headers

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Film envelopes

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Imprinted films

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Labels for fabrics

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Drawstring foil bags

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opakowania reklamowe
worki foliowe

Products | Labels/thermo seals | Shrink wrapping sleeves (Combo pack labels)

Shrink wrapping sleeves (Combo pack labels)

Problems with joining two or three products!? 

... advertising sleeves are a solution

We specialize in production of advertising sleeves with imprints. Our clients are foreign companies especially from Europe as well as Polish ones.

Advertising sleeves are an ideal way to join a few products of different size and shape. Film perfectly fits to shapes of joined articles and enables safe joining.

It is ideal for joining heavy products: glass and plastic bottles, jars…

Wide range of application: food (fruit-vegetable processing), pharmaceutical, cosmetics and agrochemical branches.


NAKŁAD: from 20.000 pcs - clear, from 50.000 pcs with imprint - min 100 kg of film (up to 2 colours); with photo imprint min 500 kg of film to reprint.
NADRUK: Multicoloured up to 8 colours in fleksographic technique. DESIGN: prepared graphic signs please deliver as Corel 9 files (or earlier versions) for PC computers (floppy disc or CD).
JAK ZAMAWIAĆ: Realisation of order will begin after receiving by fax, post or email the order which should include quantity, type and thickness of film, imprint, colours, dimensions
ROZMIARY: Individually adjusted to every product. All sizes and thicknesses. Standard thickness of film: 40 my, 50 my, 75 my
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