opakowania foliowe worki torby reklamowe opakowania worki foliowe opakowania foliowe torby reklamowe torby reklamowe
opakowania foliowe          
   Worki foliowe

Standard zipper bags

   Worki foliowe

Doypack , Stand up pounch with zipper

   Worki foliowe


   Worki foliowe

Bag with folds on side

   Worki foliowe

Slider bag

   Worki foliowe

Pillow bag

   Worki foliowe

Labels/thermo seals

   Worki foliowe

Fabric headers

   Worki foliowe

Film envelopes

   Worki foliowe

Imprinted films

   Worki foliowe

Labels for fabrics

   Worki foliowe

Drawstring foil bags

   Production profile
Opakowania reklamowe

koperty foliowe tasmy samoprzylepne
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opakowania foliowe
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opakowania reklamowe
worki foliowe

Products | Film envelopes | Mailing envelopes

Mailing envelopes

PE envelopes with safe self-adhesive closure for valuable and secret packages.
PE courier envelopes with black protective under-print. They possess closure which reveal opening attempts.

Envelopes are especially applicable in banks and other financial institutions, security agencie, hotels, shopes. petrol stations or companies for transporting and storing of Money, jewellery, secret documents and design, data carriers, credit cards, keys to protected rosom (and other deposits).

We also offer envelopes for bills of lading.

Types of bag:

koperta_kurierska_foliopak.jpg koperta_foliowa.jpg

NAKŁAD: From 1.000 pcs - screenprinting, from 5.000 pcs – fleksographic technique
NADRUK: Fleksographic imprint up to 6 colours
JAK ZAMAWIAĆ: Price depends on quantity, thickness, size, imprint. We receive orders by fax
ROZMIARY: Any size and thickness available
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