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Standard zipper bags

   Worki foliowe

Doypack , Stand up pounch with zipper

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Bag with folds on side

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Slider bag

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Pillow bag

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Labels/thermo seals

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Fabric headers

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Film envelopes

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Imprinted films

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Labels for fabrics

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Drawstring foil bags

   Production profile
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Products | Imprinted films | Pallet wrap

Pallet wrap

Pallet wrap is an excellent way of advertising products exposed for sale on pallets, informing about discounts and sell-outs…

Wrap may by printed according to Your requirements and then put on rolls. All our films are produced from high-quality material. We use special film resistant to all damages. Thanks to the newest 8-colour machine we obtain high-quality print.

Exemplary parameters of pallet wrap:
  - quantity from 5.000 mb/min
100 kg
to reprint with 1 or 2 colours,
  - high-quality imprint CMYK from
250 kg of film !

  - thickness from 50 to 180 microns
  - hight – max 100 cm
  - recurrence of printing: 29, 36, 40, 50, 55, 58 cm and other
  - from 22,5 mb to 500 mb on a roll
  - weight of a roll from 4 kg to 25 kg

They have trusted us ... TESCO Polska, Makro Cash&Carry, Unilever Polska, Cleanic, Velvet, Huggies, ...



NAKŁAD: from 5.000 mb (min 100 kg to reprint); thickness from 50 microns - standard. From 22,5 mb to 500 mb on a roll.
NADRUK: Imprint up to 6 colours in fleksographic technique (photo print). DESIGN: prepared graphic signs please deliver as Corel 9 files (or earlier versions) on CD or FTP
JAK ZAMAWIAĆ: Realisation of order will begin after receiving by fax, post or email the order which should include quantity, type and thickness of film, imprint, colours, dimensions.
ROZMIARY: Hight - max 1000 mm, recurrence of printing (width): 290, 360, 400, 450, 500, 550, 580 mm
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