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Opakowania reklamowe

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opakowania reklamowe
worki foliowe

General conditions concerning sale and delivery

The present general conditions of delivery and payment are valid for all cases connected with our trade relations with clients in the scope of sale, delivery and payment. Divergences in the present conditions bind us only when we approve of them. The client submits only to these trade conditions also when there were other conditions attached to the client’s inquiry or order. They will be significant when we will clearly approve of them in writing. If, after taking the order, the client’s solvency or reliability is questionable we have right to renounce the contract unless the client submits sufficient surety. For the present contract only Polish law is valid.

In case of printing and special production contracts we reserve ourselves the right to larger or smaller delivery amounts (up to 20%). The matter of slight divergences in colour, material and products is open. Divergences in the quality of paper or film are reserved by our suppliers’ delivery conditions. We do not guarantee the durability of our paints to food products. On demand we will inquire our suppliers about this issue. Slight divergences in colour, conditioned by technology, which do not spoil the general image of the print will not justify complaints. Models only approximate the final image of products. We are not responsible for errors in print or design if they were overlooked by the client on the approved of copy or if the client resigned to it. We do not accept complaints connected with usability of products for particular purposes. Machines and parts delivered by our company are under the manufacturer’s trade conditions. For the products which are not processed by our company we are responsible only under our suppliers’ trade conditions. We reserve ourselves the right to print our publishing specification. Models of our products imprints may be used for advertising purposes.

If we accept the complaint we correct the faulty product free of charge, replace it or give discount. Replaced products are our property and must be returned. In the process of production it is technologically impossible to omit a few faulty products; that is why quality complaints to 5% will not be accepted, regardless of the fact when errors happened – while printing or processing. Further claims will be excluded.

Quality complaint
Quality complaints must be reported immediately, not later than in 14 days after delivery. So called hidden faults must be reported not later than in 4 weeks after sending the order. We must be given the possibility to check the faults on the spot. Please use registered letter to inform us about quality complaints.

Shipment charge
Gross weight is taken into consideration. Only the overall weight of all individual parcels is reliable. Complaints about divergences in weight in individual parts of the overall delivery will not be accepted. The clients will be charged of any changes in weight caused for example by weather conditions. Products prepared properly and corresponding to trade conditions are dispatched at the client’s charge and risk. We deliver by the cheapest way of transport. Registered on express consignment will be sent only on demand and at the client’s charge.

The costs of printing plate and matrix
Printing boards, plates and other are our property and we are not obliged to give them on demand. They will be stored properly. We give 6-month-guarantee on storage after the last order. If the order’s realization disturbs third party’s rights the client is responsible for this issue. For printing plates, designs and documents left in our company we are responsible only in expenses which we would bear buying products available on market.

Time of delivery
We are not obliged by delivery time. It will depend on regular work process and is given only for guidance. Client’s complaint will not be accepted if the delivery time is changed. Should any difficulties in our company’s work happen, we have right to decide about renouncing the contract.

Payment conditions
All our prices are given in PLN, without VAT. Prices given in brochures, leaflets or offers are approximate and do not oblige us to delivery. Order is valid after confirmation. Our bills must be paid free of postal charge in the time given on the invoice. After this date interest will accrue. The date of payment is the moment we received the money. Cheques are considered as cash. Paying by bills of exchange is possible after our decision. Payment to our worker or rep is accepted only if they possess full powers. In case of print we reserve ourselves right to collect payment on account (50% of the overall cost). Should there be any delay in payment the whole sum will immediately be required. In case of the clients abroad they will be responsible for all expenses connected with investigation if delay in payment occurs as well as law-costs or other.

Property law for sold products
Delivered goods remain our property until receiving the whole sum. We are also co-owners of products under processing which are not our belonging. Should any circumstances encroach on our property, please inform us.

Any litigation will be solved by Court in Bydgoszcz.

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