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opakowania reklamowe
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Technical requirements for advertising materials sent to us

General requirements

Ready design we receive in electronic version on CD, CD-RW or email – files up to 5 MB on
Clients which prepare designs on their own should consult with us parameters of their order.

PC computers

Adobe Illustrator
Files .ai or .tiff with attached fonts.

Adobe Photoshop
Files .psd or .tiff or .eps, in case of .psd files fonts attached.

Corel Draw -  ver. 9
Files .cdr (version not later than 9) with attached fonts. important! Please do not place bitmaps in files .cdr. Mark bitmaps as rectangle and .tiff or .eps attach separately.

Lack of electronic versions

In case of using other materials (printed) and the need to scan, client will be obliged to pay for such processing. We warn that there might be some slight divergences which cannot be avoided even by accuracy of our designers. Operations connected with adjusting the received elements to machine are free of any additional cost.

Lack of design

In case of lack of own design one of our graphic artists will prepare it for you after pricing this service: given cost concerns preparation of design only. Possible purchasing of the author’s rights is another case. Logo as the element which should not be modified must be delivered in electronic version and vectorized, even if the whole design is our work.


All the used colours must be presented in CMYK or Pantone.

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