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Standard zipper bags

   Worki foliowe

Doypack , Stand up pounch with zipper

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Bag with folds on side

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Slider bag

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Pillow bag

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Labels/thermo seals

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Fabric headers

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Film envelopes

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Imprinted films

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Labels for fabrics

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Drawstring foil bags

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opakowania reklamowe
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Products | Doypack , Stand up pounch with zipper | Doypack ECO window PAP/OPP

Doypack ECO window PAP/OPP

Doypack paper bag with narrow window and string closure for one of the types of packaging manufactured by us.

ECO packaging is intended for packaging food products such as:

tea, herbs, spices, dried vegetables and fruits, dried fruits, sweets, popcorn, etc. A bag for fatty and aromatic products.

Stand up pouches kraft papier PAP40/PET12/PE + small window + easy-open

250 ml – 110x65x185 mm
500 ml – 130x70x225 mm
750 ml – 160x80x270 mm
1000 ml – 180x90x290 mm
2000 ml – 210x110x310 mm
3000 ml – 250x130x335 mm



OPCJE: zipper, easy tear,
NAKŁAD: standard size from 100 pcs.
NADRUK: digital printing from 1.000 pieces flexo printing from 50.000 pieces
BRANŻE: Cosmetics, Food,
JAK ZAMAWIAĆ: www.strunowe.com.pl
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